Thursday, November 15, 2012

Back on the bandwagon!

WOW! Has it really been almost two years since I last updated the blog?! Needless to say, we've been living life. We are still in Hawaii! It'll be 5 years this month. Now to catch up. ________________________________________ 2011 went a little like this... Elijah turned three. I went for a spouse flight in a Blackhawk. Blain & I attended the AAAA Ball at Ko'Olina. I celebrated turning THIRTY by jumping out of a perfectly functioning plane. Blain & I celebrated 9 years of marriage in July and had a visit from Nana & Dewpop around our anniversary. Makayla started 1st grade and turned six. We had Rapunzel and Captain America for Halloween. We spent Thanksgiving with our wonderful church family. December brought about sad news as my (Pam's) dad passed away at the age of 53. We went to AL and TX for Christmas. We came home to HI just in time for 2012 to start. ____________________________________________________ We rang in 2012 with Blain heading to Afghanistan mid-January. February brought an unexpected trip to AL for me. Thankful for friends who took the kids for me so I could make the trip alone. Granny Judy had brain surgery on Feb 13. I had a few short days in AL but I was able to spend time with Granny and also meet my sweet godson, Alan. I came back on Feb. 18 and sadly, Granny passed away on March 1. Aunt Myke came out a few days later to help celebrate Elijah's 4th birthday. Blain came home in May for R&R. We made a trip to Maui and we loved it! He headed back to Afghanistan on his birthday. July rolled around and we celebrated our TENTH anniversary on opposite sides of the world. What an adventure these 10 years has been!! I'm looking forward to the next 60! Makayla started the 2nd grade and turned 7! We had Leonardo the Ninja Turtle and Belle for Halloween. And that just about brings us up to date. Today is the 10 month mark for this deployment. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We have, unfortunately, lost family members and friends this year, we've said "see you later" to some and greeted new friends. I'm so very thankful for the church family and friends that God has blessed us with here!! We have one year left in Hawaii. We'll fill you in on where we're headed sometime in the new year. Hopefully, I'll get some pictures uploaded in the next few days. A hui hou...